10 Memes that Capture the Highs and Lows of Working on a Yacht

10 Memes that Capture the Highs and Lows of Working on a Yacht

10 Memes that Capture the Highs and Lows of Working on a Yacht

We saw a rant on FB recently about how difficult working on a yacht can be. We get it, the long hours, the no days off, demanding guests, etc. BUT, we would like to point out how amazing it can be to live on the water, hang out on the beach with crew, enjoy life nobody on land could possibly understand. Here are 10 memes that capture the incredible highs and lows of working on a mega yacht:

1. When you're green and you're applying to every job on FB, job boards, apps, agent postings, uncle's neighbor's boat like

2. When your crew drop off charter with a fat stack of cash…and a bar within crawling distance

3. When you've just put away your chamois and it starts raining for only 5 seconds and stops…just as the guests arrive

4. When you have to "test" all the new yacht toys on board as part of your job

5. When you're the late girl and it's 2am on day 20 of charter..and the primary just invited more friends over..and they just asked for a red bull

6. When guests leave all their leftover champagne for the crew

7. When you're the chef and you get a preference sheet and guests want gluten free, dairy free, kosher, no nuts, no shellfish, organic only, vegan, and delicious intolerant and have to figure out a menu!

8. That moment you step off the boat for a REAL holiday…and realize you get to sleep in a real bed…without roommates…and not a yacht in sight

9. When you're a captain and have to deal with crew drama

10. When a crew day off looks like this…on a Tuesday…while your friends back at home sit in a cubicle

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