Ask the Crew Agent

Ask the Crew Agent

Ask the Crew Agent

Finding a job on a yacht can come from any source: dockwalking, social media, yachting apps, friends, or crew agents. We chatted with Sandra, a crew manager from Crew4Yachts, one of the most trusted yacht crew agencies, about top tips when it comes to getting hired. Read on for some helpful insights!

Crew Compass: What makes Crew4Yachts different from other crew agents?

Crew4Yachts: We are a non commission based crew agency that genuinely cares about the needs of our employers and crew. We are very focused on giving a personal approach to helping each and every individual needs.

Crew4Yachts is lucky to have employees that have been on the other end as crew members and also hiring employers to provide an exceptional service. We are personable and relatable!

Crew Compass: What are 2 of the biggest challenges you face as a crew agent/hiring manager?

Crew4Yachts: Getting each and every crew member that is seeking a job employed. Finding the right candidate for the employer.

Crew Compass: What is Crew4Yacht's approach to green crew? With the influx of new crew, what can they do to stand out?

Crew4Yachts: Being in the shoes as a greenie myself I find it extremely rewarding to give all my help and advice to new crew!

Make sure that they have a positive outlook and attitude. Personality, hard work ethic and dedication is key to stand out and survive in this competitive industry.

Crew Compass: Are captains asking for different types of candidates now - specialty skills, people with computer skills, etc? (Or have they remained the same?)

Crew4Yachts: In my opinion it has generally remained the same. Extra skills and qualities are always welcome! There is more of a demand for specialty instructors - Dive, Yoga, PT etc You usually see this more so on larger superyachts.

Crew Compass: In terms of trends you've noticed in the last few years, how has recruitment changed? Has technology played a role in any changes?

Crew4Yachts: With Facebook and Instagram, recruitment has changed a lot. So many jobs now are found through the internet bypassing agents. This can be very risky especailly for international crew. It is not reliable and you do not have a lot of guidance or information about the vessel.

Crew Compass: What are your biggest pet peeves when it comes to yacht crew candidates during the recruitment process?

Crew4Yachts: They are naive in knowing how much work you need to put in to get the work. There is a huge process of hard work and dedication that needs to take place prior to crew finding the right job. Lots of hours networking and working on the computer updating info and files.

Crew Compass: Finally, what's the #1 advice you would give to all yacht crew?

Crew4Yachts: Crew4Yachts welcomes the doors to all crew and we want to encourage them to not be discouraged. Never give up on your dreams, it may take time but it will be worth it in the end.

We appreciate your helpful advice, Sandra! To find out more about Crew4Yachts, check them out at the links below and create a free crew account to maximize your chance of getting found by the right employer.



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