Don’t Become a Yachtie

Don’t Become a Yachtie

Don’t Become a Yachtie

You can spot them by their sunglass tan, polos with a yacht stenciled on their backs, and shorts/skorts they wear in public while running errands around town. They have an enviable instagram feed, and drone shots of paradise for days, but behind every freckle and t-shirt tan line, they have a story to tell about the highs and lows of the yachting world. Here's what yacht crew would say to those considering becoming a yachtie:

Don't become a yachtie if you need a life of stability or certainty, you will be at the whim of the billionaires who employ you. You won't know your schedule, you won't know which country you'll be in, you'll live a life of uncertainty…and sometimes, it's thrilling.

Don't become a yachtie if you like routine or enjoy the mundane, you never know what adventures tomorrow will bring - passing through the Panama Canal one day, or dodging icebergs in Alaska the next. The unpredictable life on a yacht can be a bit too much for some people.

Don't become a yachtie if you get homesick, you will spend weeks or months without seeing your friends or family. Your yacht crew will become your family, and they could become some of the closest friends you will ever have.

Don't become a yachtie if you don't enjoy the water, you'll be lonely when the whole crew go snorkeling without you! You'll be anchored out in crystal clear waters, swimming at the base of a volcano, or visiting secluded islands…if you're not keen on playing and living on the water, yachting probably isn't for you.

Don't become a yachtie if you hate sunsets, you'll see too many breathtaking ones to count. You might think that sunset over the city is great, but watching dolphins jumping during sunset with the smell of fresh sea air is bucket-list worthy.

Don't become a yachtie if you're easily offended, they don't say we "swear like a sailor" for nothing! (And have the sailor chat to match) Be prepared for some hilariously inappropriate antics from time to time - it's always in good fun!

Don't become a yachtie if you're antisocial because we love to drink and be merry when we get a chance. Living with your coworkers in a confined space sounds tough, but when you get along, it's like working with your best friends.

Lastly, don't become a yachtie if you're not brave enough to try a completely different career that will lead you to some amazing places with some pretty amazing friends/crew!

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