Wine 102: Wine Service for Yacht Stewardesses

Wine 102: Wine Service for Yacht Stewardesses

Wine 102: Wine Service for Yacht Stewardesses

Now that you've had an introduction to wine, here's how to properly serve wine to guests:

Wine Serving Temperatures

Graphic by Wine Folly

Did you know that even red wine is supposed to be "slightly cool"? In order to give guests the best wine experience, make sure to match the temperature to the wine.

Choose Your Glass

Serving red wine in a flute glass? HUGE mistake. When in doubt, refer to this graphic to know what shape and size of glass you'll need depending on the wine the guest selects.

Open the Bottle

This might seem like a simple task, but it is more difficult than you might think. It doesn't require strength as much as it requires skill. This video shows how to open a bottle without breaking the cork, making your experience much easier.

Pouring Correctly

Best technique for a drip-free pour. Graphic by Wine Folly

Make sure you're pouring one serving per glass, about 5-6 ounces. While you should still have a serving cloth to wipe away the impending drips, practice how to pour like an expert! As the photo shows above, simply turn the bottle away from you as you stop pouring. Make sure to stop pouring quickly because hesitation = drips.

Now, go have a glass yourself. You deserve it.

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