Yacht Jobs: Is bigger always better?

Yacht Jobs: Is bigger always better?

Yacht Jobs: Is bigger always better?

When it comes to working on yachts - is bigger (yacht, company, etc) always better when it comes to finding the right fit for you? So you've gotten daywork, built your CV, and starting to get job offers. Deciding between a large or small yacht is not as cut and dry as you'd think. Each opportunity offers its own pros and cons, and each an entirely different beast. Here's a few observations from the industry I hope will help you evaluate your options. Can't decide which opportunity is better for you? Take a look below and let me know what you think!

Large yacht (130ft+) pros:

  • More people to interact/socialize with as crew sizes are larger

  • Larger yacht = more crew space/comfort

  • Established/regular work hours and break times as the workload is shared

  • Structure - Well defined job functions and chain of command

  • Bigger budgets with more crew benefits (ie, health plan, gym, etc.)

  • Larger yachts run like a business and often have management companies (both pro and con, depending on the responsiveness of the management company)

Large yacht cons:

  • Potentially more politics/drama with more crew

  • Higher crew turnover (see above)

  • Micromanaging supervisors/captains

  • More defined roles with less opportunity to grow in other departments

  • Larger yachts run like a business and often have management companies (both pro and con, depending on the responsiveness of the management company)

Small yacht (smaller than 130ft) pros:

  • Great for self-starters who enjoy fast-paced environments

  • Flexible work schedule

  • Closer team/family dynamic

  • Ability to interact more with owners/charter guests

  • Help in other departments and expand knowledge beyond your job description

  • Judicial use of the yacht property (tender, hot tub, etc) - this depends completely on your owners and captain, but noticed it's less strict on smaller yachts

  • When possible, crew members pitch in from time to time (ie, deck help interior and vice versa)

Small yacht cons:

  • Smaller social pool (less diversity and virtually nonexistent social circles)

  • Limited space and shared showers for the entire crew (the horror!)

  • Less help/support from a larger team while providing the same amount of service (ie, interior crew of 1 vs interior crew of 3-5+ on larger yachts)

  • Longer hours and less breaks (because it's just you)

  • Your department's work responsibilities fall 100% on you

  • Not great for people who need a lot of training and structure, better suited for people more established or with at least SOME experience

Fellow yachties, what do you think? Do you prefer working on larger or smaller vessels?

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