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Managed Crew Search

A Managed Crew Search is an add-on service that assists employers with locating qualified candidates in the database and managing their job posting(s).

How does it work?

You will be assigned a CrewSearch Consultant, who will search our database for suitable candidates based on the criteria you provide. The consultant will create two folders in your Potential Crew List, one for “Unconfirmed” candidates and one for “Confirmed”. When a crew profile is reviewed that seems to be a potential match, the consultant will contact them to confirm their suitability, interest, and availability. If the crewmember is a qualified match and would like to be considered, their profile will be placed in your “Confirmed” folder. If the consultant is waiting to hear back from them, the profile will be moved to your “Unconfirmed” folder. We will provide you with at least 5 to 8 candidates that meet your requirements.

ach crew profile will have a minimum of a CV/resume and profile photo uploaded for your review. Most profiles will also have certificates and references available. Additionally, you as the employer, have the option to search for available candidates as well. When you locate a crewmember that interests you, you can place their profile in your “Unconfirmed” folder and your consultant will contact them for you.

Your consultant will also “Post the Job” on our website so that interested crew can request to be considered for the position. All employer identifying details are kept confidential, and we field all communications to be sure they meet your specified requirements. If these requirements are met, their profile will be placed in your Confirmed folder.

How much will it cost?

A traditional crew agency typically charges a “placement fee” of 75% to 100% of the crewmember’s monthly salary. For example, depending on the vessel size, the placement fee for hiring an entry level stewardess could range anywhere from $2400 to $3000 and usually is only guaranteed for the first 60 days.

Our price structure differs from the traditional crew agency because we are not commission based. This means we will work just as hard for you as every other employer because we can afford to remain objective and provide you with the most relevant CV/resumes available.

The administrative fee for a Managed Crew Search is $450 per individual position.

In addition we offer the following add-on services:

Reference Checks - $50 per reference contact
Background Checks – Call for a quote. Fees are dependent on the crewmember’s nationality.

Managed Crew Search Form

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